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Against - Welcome To The Aftermath (LP) - NEW

Radio Raheem

Against - Welcome To The Aftermath (LP) - NEW


Released: 2018
Format: Vinyl, LP

[A1] Aftermath
[A2] Obsession For Power
[A3] All Too Late
[A4] Against
[A5] Burned Beyond Recognition
[A6] Pain Never Ends/Give Peace A Chance
[A7] Who's To Blame
[A8] Children
[A9] Run Cry And Scream
[B1] Burned Beyond Recognition
[B2] Run Cry And Scream
[B3] Obsession For Power
[B4] Pain Never Ends
[B5] Aftermath
[B6] The Fun Stops Here
[B7] Mao
[B8] No Mercy
[B9] Abolish War

623 copies pressed. Includes 12"x36" double-sided poster.

Tracks A1-A9 recorded May 26, 1984 at Skip Saylor Recording, Los Angeles
Tracks B1-B9 recorded June 18, 1983 at Pacifica Recording, Culver City

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