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A Perfect Circle - Amotion (DVD-V, PAL + CD, Copy Prot.) - USED


A Perfect Circle - Amotion (DVD-V, PAL + CD, Copy Prot.) - USED


Released: 16 Nov 2004
Format: DVD, DVD-Video, PAL
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[] Amotion
[] Videos
[DVD-1] Judith (Unedited)
[DVD-2] 3 Libras
[DVD-3] Weak And Powerless (Unedited)
[DVD-4] The Outsider (Edited)
[DVD-5] Thinking Of You
[DVD-6] Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums
[DVD-7] Blue (Contest Winner)
[DVD-8] The Noose (Live)
[DVD-9] Imagine
[] Bonus Features
[DVD-10] The Outsider (Director's Cut)
[DVD-11] Blue (Runner-up) A
[DVD-12] Blue (Runner-up) B
[DVD-13] Blue (Runner-up) C
[DVD-14] Bikini Bandits (Experience)
[DVD-15] Bikini Bandits (Save Christmas)
[DVD-16] Bikini Bandits (Sauvent Le Monde)
[] Still Gallery And Video Clips
[DVD-17] Photo Still Gallery
[DVD-18] Play Video Clips (Part One)
[] Remixed
[CD-1] Judith ("Renholder" Mix)
[CD-2] 3 Libras ("Feel My Ice Dub" Mix)
[CD-3] The Outsider ("Apocalypse" Mix)
[CD-4] Weak And Powerless ("Tilling My Grave" Mix)
[CD-5] The Outsider ("Frosted Yogurt" Mix)
[CD-6] Blue ("Bird Shake" Mix)
[CD-7] 3 Libras ("All Main Courses" Mix)
[CD-8] The Hollow ("Constantly Consuming" Mix)
[CD-9] The Hollow ("The Bunk" Mix)

Released in a standard double disc DVD case.

Actual DVD title: "aMOTION"
Actual CD title: "rEMIXED"

DVD bonus materials also include:
- Still gallery
- Backstage footage
- Commentary by Maynard James Keenan
- Commentary by Billy Howardel

"The Outsider ("Frosted Yogurt" Mix)" & "Blue ("Bird Shake" Mix)" remix at Stratosphere Sound, NYC 2003
"The Hollow ("Constantly Consuming" Mix)" mixed at Red Swan Studio

Published by Transfixed Music / ASCAP • Harry Merkin Music / ASCAP except "Imagine" published by Lenono Music admin. by EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI)

Engineered and produced at Perfect Circle Studios

Maynard James Keenan appears courtesy of [url=]Volcano Records[/url]
Branden Steineckert appears courtesy of [l1000]

℗ & © 2004 Virgin Records America, Inc.

Printed & made in the EU

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