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D.D.I. / Stalker (21) - Split (LP) - NEW

Thought Crime Records

D.D.I. / Stalker (21) - Split (LP) - NEW


Released: 2001
Format: Vinyl, LP

[A1] Veleno
[A2] Vuoto
[A3] Marcellino
[A4] Streghe
[A5] Basta
[A6] Ucciso
[A7] Silenzo Veloce
[A8] Stanco
[A9] Son Troppo Nervoso
[A10] Outro Explosion
[B1] Positive Vibrations
[B2] Reclaim The Streets
[B3] Little Self Assessment
[B4] Second Hand Icons
[B5] More Coffee For The Punks
[B6] Waiting
[B7] C.C.S.
[B8] Kaufrausch
[B9] My Mind's In A Vice (Rorschach)
[B10] Wohlbefinden

The CD version has the bands switched around

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