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Cortinas - Defiant Pose-singles & Demos 1977 1978  (LP, ALBUM) - NEW

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Cortinas - Defiant Pose-singles & Demos 1977 1978 (LP, ALBUM) - NEW


Bristol punk quintet the Cortinas began as an R&B covers band, but soon sped up their repertoire when punk arrived, making them local pioneers. A slot supporting the Stranglers at the Roxy brought them onto Miles Copeland and Mark Perry’s Step Forward label and they later signed to CBS before imploding, guitarist Nick Sheppard then joining the Clash and drummer Daniel Swann San Francisco’s the Sneeches. This ace compilation gathers the best of their early work, including the immortal debut ‘Fascist Dictator’/‘Defiant Pose,’ as well as ‘TV Personalities,’ both in the studio and live. Another crucial piece of the Bristol puzzle.

Includes double sided insert




Defiant Pose


Fascist Dictator

TV Families

Tribe of The City

I Don’t Really Want To Get Involved

Youth Club Dance

Mr. Waverley


Have It With You

Broken Not Twisted

Slow Down

I Trust Valerie Singleton


Further Education

Television Families

Fascist Dictator 

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