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Big Mojo - Dancing Skeletons (CD, Album) - USED


Big Mojo - Dancing Skeletons (CD, Album) - USED


Released: 15 Sep 2014
Format: CD, Album, Stereo
Sleeve condition: Near Mint
Media condition: Near Mint

[1] Back Where I Belong
[2] Madame Blue
[3] Prove Me Wrong
[4] Devil's Skin
[5] Don't Cry for Me
[6] Dive Down in Esplanade
[7] Central City Blues
[8] Husband and Wife
[9] Lose That Man Child
[10] The Way to Mozambique
[11] Greenwood Bound
[12] Dancing Skeletons

Big Mojo: Dancing Skeletons (Digital Version from Three Hands Records/CD digipack from Alnicos Records)
Blues, Electronica, House, Techno, Dub & Downtempo. Cesare Ferioli, AKA Big Mojo, comes to you straight from the heart with his latest release, deftly fusing modern and traditional sounds into a tasty musical melange with Dancing Skeletons.
This über-talented musician and producer cut his teeth on the punk and new wave styles of the early 80s, but has always maintained a deep passion for rock & roll and the delta blues. Having evolved into a top-notch producer of electronic music, Big Mojo combines all the elements of his musical experience to form a mind-bending melting pot of groovalicious sounds.
Steeped in stylistic convergence, Dancing Skeletons features collaborations with like-minded artists who bring their own singular contributions to the table. Ulf Kjell Gür and Peter Danielsson (singer and guitarist, respectively, of Swedish band, NowLab), songwriter Andrea Deluca (Radio City, Mamagrande), bluesman Johnny La Rosa, Riccardo Pedrini (AKA Wu Ming 5, guitarist for Nabat), the anglo-jamaican singer Mike “Young Lion” Anderson, and more other guests listed in the credits, all make notable appearances.
Big Mojo's Dancing Skeletons reconciles fans of of both Chicago blues and Detroit-style techno.
Available in both digital format and in CD digipack.

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